Tuesday, June 29, 2010

blackstone pics

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"our executive producer is Chuck Bolty..."

"...and I'm Chris, hoping you'll join us next time for more Adventures in Odyssey!" Had to finish the quote.

Brian met Odyssey's executive producer Chuck Bolty at Blackstone.
Unfortunately he did not have any Odyssey cassettes with him so he could get a signature.
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I miss you baby

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Rockhouse coffee stop in Jordan Valley

we brought the roaster.
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davis market

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there is no arizona

Photos from Brian's Blackstone trip in AZ

some intense lectures.

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baby gina

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chocolate mess

I don't remember what I was making here...maybe a birthday cake. I'm enjoying my KitchenAid.

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recent foods

These are from a while ago...

fennel and pear salad with parmesan


skillet mac & cheese.

I was craving mac & cheese a few weeks back, but brian wasn't too excited about it - even from scratch. But after almost 11 months, I've learned that he will eat anything out of a cast iron skillet. He liked this mac & cheese.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

yesterday's outing

I went downtown Sac yesterday and got coffee and pizza here and here (they were playing the World Cup inside on a projector and had it playing on the outside speakers - you could hear the horns from the game two blocks away!), and brought back a load of farmers market produce - peaches, nectarines, cherries, strawberries, BASIL, green beans, red onions, and potatoes. This was just one of the markets downtown on Tuesdays. There is another market downtown about 8 blocks away, and there are markets in at least one location within drivable distance from us every day of the week.

We might just stay here.

I'm having fun navigating freeways and appreciating the ability to run 6 different errands in Moscow in under an hour. Not so easy to do here.

dinner last night

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brian's excited about this

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I'm excited about this

count 'em - SIX gas burners.

Two ovens
(two dishwashers and two sinks not pictured)
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where we're staying