Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"our executive producer is Chuck Bolty..."

"...and I'm Chris, hoping you'll join us next time for more Adventures in Odyssey!" Had to finish the quote.

Brian met Odyssey's executive producer Chuck Bolty at Blackstone.
Unfortunately he did not have any Odyssey cassettes with him so he could get a signature.
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Joyce said...

That's cool, Kells! I hope Brian thanked him for the wonderful entertainment that series provided for our families.
Brian looks so handsome here too!

robby said...

WOW what an experience!! I am jealous. Can Brian grow up to produce Adventures and Odyssey with an emphasis on Biblical law? My (future) kids will listen to them!

Erin said...

Hooray for Chuck Bolty!!

kristen said...

does robby really think it's adventures AND odyssey?